If it has to do with magazine media and publishing, Mr. Magazine™ can help you. Through Mr. Magazine™ consulting and research I have been consulting with clients around the world since 1984 and deal with everything from new magazine launches to established magazine redesigns and repositioning. I seek to have personal relationships with my clients that create quality content, beautiful design and appropriate technology to take full advantage of the potential of ink on paper or pixels on a screen. I believe in the relevant message, in the relevant medium to the relevant audience.

No longer can we sit and report the news or show a picture of the latest celebrity. With a slumping economy and new technology popping up everyday, the need for innovation in print has never been greater. From helping you launch a new magazine to repositioning an established title in a changing industry, Mr. Magazine™ seeks to make print media more relevant across media platforms.

Magazine Launches

For more than 10 years, the United States has seen new magazines being launched at an average of two per day. Magazines are still an exciting entrepreneurial adventure that offers the chance at fun, fame and fortune. Mr. Magazine™ have been involved with tens of new magazine launches, and why not? I have been the man touted as “the nation’s leading authority on new magazines,” according to min:media industry newsletter.

Ideas are a dime a dozen; what truly matters is how an idea is executed. The greatest idea in the world doesn’t stand a chance if there isn’t knowledge behind what happens from the conception in your mind to delivery on the newsstand. Mr. Magazine™ the experience, expertise and knowledge to not only help you critique and refine your magazine idea, but to also make sure your colors, typography and layout having meaning. And beyond the physical, I seek to make sure your magazine connects with your readers on a personal level so that your new title goes from being a luxury to a monthly necessity.

Magazine Repositioning
Change is the one constant in life, and we are in the midst of some of the biggest changes in magazines and newspapers since desktop publishing came about in the early 1980s. Never before has some much innovation been accessible by so many individuals and companies. With new technology changing the way magazines and newspapers are thought of, even the most established publications have to step back and ask what can be done to keep up with the pace of the media industry.

In repositioning, magazines and newspapers are able to maintain their strong relationship with their readers by utilizing new techniques and technologies to better communicate more information in less time and less space. With more choices than ever before and seemingly less available time, the need for repositioning and innovation is key. So whether you are looking for innovation in the paper you are printing on, the products that come packaged with your magazine or just a revamping of the look and feel of your publication Mr. Magazine™ can help.

Market Visibility

The life span of most magazines doesn’t reach year two and the numbers get even worse through years three and four. The newsstand numbers are staggering, and it is easy for new magazines to get lost in the crowd. You have to been seen to be sold, and you have to be sold to have the money to keep printing magazines. Everything about a magazine or newspaper has to serve a greater purpose of deepening the relationship between your title and your audience. Mr. Magazine™ helps take you from ignorable to notable.

There are many things that go into making your title stand out on the newsstand. It is not simply a task of changing colors and fonts. In addition, areas like content realignment, multimedia extensions and creative marketing solutions not only make your title more visible on the market, but they also help to better express the personality of your magazine or newspaper.

Psychologists have told us that when we see a page for the first time, we notice the colors first, the photography second and the typography third. Because of this, design becomes very important in the life of a magazine or newspaper. Just like with humans, the physical look gives us our first glimpse into the personality of a publication. Design exists to enhance quality content; it is the wrapping paper on a great gift.

The visual packaging of your magazine or newspaper will be a main factor in a reader’s decision to pick your publication up or leave it alone. Our team of designers has studied the psychological impact of colors, photography and typography and is capable of designing quality products that address your specific audience with the appropriate voice and style. Whether you are looking to prototype and idea, redesign an existing magazine or newspaper, or have custom marketing materials created for your company, Mr. Magazine™ offers a personal approach to beautiful design.