Mr. Magazine™ understands there are some uneasy feelings when the idea of hiring a consultant comes up, but with me that couldn’t be further from the truth. Consulting can be a very personal experience; and, in fact, I have found my clients like it better that way. It is easy for consultants to become nothing more than people who tell you what you do wrong. Mr. Magazine™ doesn’t operate in that manner. The customer service you will receive will be second to none. Mr. Magazine™ will have a personal relationship with each of his clients and takes pleasure in personally conducting meetings with magazine staff members as well as personally answering emails and phone calls.

When you hire Mr. Magazine™ to work with you he does not think one dimensionally about your magazine or newspaper, but rather considers the entire spectrum of potential available in today’s market. A simple physical surgery and reconstruction of your magazine or newspaper is just the beginning. Mr. Magazine™ believes that he would be doing his clients a great disservice if he didn’t also address the soul of the product. So from inside to out, top to bottom, content to design, Mr. Magazine™ explores all avenues where your product can become better quality and more financially viable. For more information please check out the Our Capabilities section.